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No matter the size of your organization, Array and our global network of partners understands that your communications environments are a critical part of your global unified communications system.

Array support is available 24x7 and provides priority routing to the Array team through our call center. During business hours, an Array Service Engineer (ASE) will manage your technical support requests to resolution.

Customer Support:
Telephone: +1-800-779-7480 Extension: 3
International: +1-512-538-2222 Extension: 3
Submit a Trouble Ticket:
Start a Support Session:

Pre-Sales Support
Telephone: +1-800-779-7480 Extension: 3
International: +1-512-538-2222 Extension: 3
Array offers two choices of support plans: Premier and Premier Plus.With the Premier program, you receive business hour support, and once we receive an RMA then we will repair or send a replacement.

Premier Plus subscribers receive 24x7 support and advanced part and equipment replacement once a problem is identified. It is important to note that all equipment covered by Premier Plus will be eligible to receive the latest firmware upgrades as released, enabling you to take advantage of developments as they are released and allowing you to easily manage any upgrade program.

Both these services give you access to telephonic technical support during business hours, maintenance updates as released, and 24x7 access to our online support portal.


Support Features:

ONLINE KNOWLEDGE DATABASE: Provides access to Array’s knowledge-base, which includes installation guides, frequently answered questions, firmware downloads, an RMA resource page, etc.

ARRAY SERVICE ENGINEER (ASE): Array will designate a Service Engineer (ASE) to the customer account. The ASE will have detailed knowledge of the customer’s Array solution. The ASE is responsible for managing all technical support requests to resolution.

FIRMWARE UPDATES: Depending on the support plan purchased, Array provides you with firmware updates and upgrades. Firmware updates correct firmware errors and provide security patches. Firmware upgrades provide you with major features and functionality releases.

BUSINESS HOURS TECHNICAL TELEPHONE SUPPORT – Provides you access to technical support engineers who assist you in solving issues by phone. Telephonic support is available Monday through Friday, 8am – 6pm EST, excluding national and local holidays observed by Array.

24 X 7 TECHNICAL TELEPHONE SUPPORT- Provides access to technical support engineers who assist in solving issues by phone, 24x7. Premier Plus Service only.

ADVANCED PARTS REPLACEMENT- Provides expedited replacement of all covered, failed hardware parts. If technical phone support determines that there is a hardware part failure or if there is a malfunction, a replacement part or appliance will be dispatched on the same day during business hours. Local pick-up time restrictions and customs delays may affect actual delivery time in some regions. Premier Plus Service only.

Free Site Survey:

We offer a free site survey as part of our site certification process. By completing our site survey questionnaire and submitting it to our engineering team, a CAD drawing of the room with recommended table placement, display placement and height, and camera placement will be created and delivered to you.

These recommendations will provide optimal viewing angles, eye line, and stand-up capture of meeting participants. Contact us to request the survey questionnaire.

Room and Table Recommendations – The purpose of this document is to demonstrate many of the assorted table-types with which Equal-i Technology works well.  This is not a complete list, however is a good representation.   As part of your free site survey, we can provide you with specific recommendations on how to make your room and table work well with Equal-i.

Installation Guides: You can download our installation guides by clicking on the links below.
Equal-i Image Processor Quick Install Guide
Equal-i DX Camera Quick Install Guide
Array Telepresence DX-2S Installation Guide

Firmware: The Equal-i 2S Image Processor is a high-speed video device that is doing real-time image improvement to enable life-size immersive telepresence and image equalization with no discernible delay (less than 10ms). It runs purely on firmware, which enables the extremely high speeds that it’s capable of. In order to add additional new features or bug fixes, firmware updates are required from time to time.

The most current system firmware version for all v2.1 Image Processors is: 1.15
Serial numbers for v2.1 systems are structured as follows: 1-14092900xx
Changelog can be found here.
Release Date: 2016/05/19

The most current system firmware version for all v2.4 and above Image Processors is: 2.20
Serial numbers for v2.4+ systems are structured as follows: AE2S-x-2x-xxxx
Changelog can be found here.
Release Date: 2016/10/25

The most current version of FPGA firmware for all system revisions is: 2.04
Changelog can be found here.
Release Date: 2016/09/26

The magic of Array starts with the Image Processor understanding what the room set up is. We have different EQ Maps for different size tables and room layouts. If you would like to learn which map set will work best for your room environment, we provide nearly two dozen examples of room environments with EQ Map set recommendations that you can download here.

The first set of recommendations (EQ Map Set A) is most recommended for smaller rooms, where the participants will be located closer to the camera, or when the participants are not positioned at an elongated table.

The second set of recommendations (EQ Map Set B) is considered the “standard” for most rooms, and is the default map set that ships with most systems. It is recommended for a typical conference room with an elongated table.

How do I tell what version of Firmware I am running?
Within the Windows Equal-i Control app, simply go into Settings>Admin to view the current versions. If accessing via command line, the following commands will give you the needed values:
    • :FWVER? for the system firmware version
    • :FPGAVER?1 for the FPGA version

Where can I find instructions on updating the Firmware?
Prior to updating firmware, it is recommended to consult with Customer Support.

How do I update firmware?
Firmware can be updated manually via a telnet session, or via GUI using the Equal-i Control app for Windows.

Is support available for updating the Firmware and/or EQ Maps?
Absolutely! Our customer support team is available to assist with any/all firmware and EQ Map updates.