Using your current video conferencing codec, Array’s patented Equal-i technology dramatically improves the user experience, while working in virtually any size conference room with any shape conference table.

A Powerful Combination

Array’s Equal-i DX Dual Camera and 2S Image Processor work together to deliver dramatic image improvement and equalization of all participants in the meeting.  The DX Camera has fixed optics and is mounted at eye-level between dual displays, concealed by the bezels, and requiring only 4mm of separation between them.

The 2S Image Processor is installed between the DX Camera and the videoconferencing codec on the “transmit” side of the call.  It is also installed between the codec and the displays on the “receive” side of the call. This allows Equal-i to simultaneously create an immersive, life-sized experience for both ends of the call.

The Equal-i 2S Image Processor uses Array’s patented equalization algorithms to dramatically improve the image before sending it to the videoconferencing codec or displays. Amazingly, this means that even if the far end doesn’t have Equal-i technology installed, it will still receive an immersive experience.

Immersive Everywhere

The DX Dual Camera captures the room in two halves. One half of the room is then transmitted over the video channel of the codec while the other half is transmitted over the content channel. Before transmission, the images pass through the 2S Image Processor, where the two halves are equalized. When connecting to any endpoint with dual displays, they receive a panoramic immersive scene that is unparalleled to any PTZ experience. This mode of operation requires that both the transmitting and receiving codec be capable of a balanced 25/30 fps from the content channel. 


When you need to share content on the second display, Equal-i takes the “Immersive Everywhere” experience and simply stitches the two scenes together, transforming the dual-screen, immersive view to a single letterboxed image. This opens up the codecs content channel for data sharing.  This mode of operation is also ideal for remote sites with a single display, multi-point/bridged calls, or soft codecs.

Immersive PTZ

By definition, a video conferencing camera’s purpose is to transmit an image to another end point. When purchasing a video conferencing camera, the benefit it provides is never to the local room – only the remote.  Until now.

This is where “Immersive PTZ” truly separates Array from the competition. While simultaneously transmitting “Immersive Everywhere” or “Video+Content”, the 2S Image Processor is able to take an incoming PTZ image from the codec, equalize the scene and create a panoramic scene across the two displays. This experience is created without the need for the remote site to have Equal-i installed.

Easy to Deploy

Site Survey: Array works hand-in-hand with our distributors, re-sellers and end users to recommend the ideal conditions for maintaining eye-line and stand-up capture for the local participants. 

Set Up is Easy: Once the displays are mounted and codec set up, it takes about two hours to install and configure an Equal-i System. We offer white glove customer support and are prepared to help your team in real time during installations.

The Basics: The Equal-i DX Dual Camera is mounted between the displays at the center line of the table. Once mounted, it is aligned and balanced. Upon completion, the installer then sets up the desired control system for end-user control.

Advanced: If using a control panel, then it will need to be programmed to control the Equal-i system as well.  This would be outside of the standard two hour install time frame.

No Additional Impact on Bandwidth or Video Network Infrastructure: Though the 2S Image Processor outputs at 1080p to the codec, it will be up to the transmitting codec and corresponding network infrastructure and bandwidth availability to determine the actual resolution and frame rate transmitted and received.  From the perception of the codec, Equal-i is only a 1080p image source.