Why Array

We significantly enhance the user experience by equalizing the size of the participants at the table, delivering a more life-size, eye-to-eye conversational experience.

Start seeing eye-to-eye again

The universal problem in today’s video conferencing rooms is the tiny head at the end of the table.  No matter the size or shape of the conference table, the people at the back of the room are just a bunch of tiny heads staring back at you. 

Since most communication is nonverbal, the difficulty of figuring out which one of the tiny heads are talking, as well as the inability to read their facial expression, creates a negative impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the meeting.

That’s where Array changes the playing field.  Our patented Equal-i technology transforms the video conference by equalizing the size and scale of all participants.  It also enhances the meeting by delivering an “eye-to-eye” experience amongst the participants.  No more tiny heads!

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Why it’s important

People have certain expectations when it comes to face-to-face communication.  Eye contact, the ability to read facial expressions and body language, as well as knowing which person in a group is speaking at any given time are critical to successful collaboration.

These are the human factors of communication that get lost when we move to video conferencing.  In an unparalleled way, Equal-i technology brings all these factors back.  The meeting becomes people talking to people, instead of a room talking to a room.

Array works with your existing equipment

The beauty of our technology is the ability to integrate with your existing video conferencing hardware or software codec.  Whether you’re using Cisco, Polycom, Zoom, LifeSize, StarLeaf, Microsoft, etc., our product simply replaces the PTZ camera being used by your current system.